Get some handy informations about a property
This class is able to "fix" effects properties which have been broken by the addition of another effect on the same layer, as long as the class has been instanciated before the effect has been broken.

new PropertyInfo(property)

Constructs a new PropertyInfo
Name Type Description
property PropertyBase The property
Name Type Description
index int The propertyIndex
isEffect boolean true if this is an effect (sub)property
riggable boolean true if this prop can be rigged (it's a value which can set expressions)
layer Layer The layer containing the property
dimensions int The number of dimensions, 0 if this is not a dimensionnal value (ie color, text, shape...)
var propInfo = new PropertyInfo(property);
layer("ADBE effect parade").addProperty("ADBE layer control"); //now the property object is broken
property = propInfo.getProperty(); // You can retrieve the property like this, fixed if it's an effect


getProperty() → {PropertyBase}

Gets the original Property
Always works even if this PropertyInfo represents an effect which has been broken
---AE Hack---
PropertyBase - The property
To Do:
  • When returning an effect, check if the matchName corresponds too.