Rigging Tools

A few tools which can be useful in the rigging process are available.


With the “Rename” tool you can rename as many layers, puppet pins or project items at once as you wish.

This tool is able to update the expressions after having renamed the elements, if you need it. Disabling the option if you don’t need it may improve performance a little bit.

Search and Replace

You can “Search and Replace” text in layer names, project item names, expressions or source texts of text layers.

Measure distance

When two layers are selected, click on the “Measure Distance” button to measure the distance between their anchor points, in pixels.

Align Layers

Select some layers to align them together. Layers will be aligned on the latest selected one.

In the additional panel you can choose to align the layers in position, rotation, scale or even opacity.

Remove expressions

Select some properties with expressions to remove the expression, but keeping their current post-expression value instead of the pre-expression value like After Effects does.